From its beginnings in 1929 to the present time, the Wall Brethren Church and its congregation have been characterized by a constant and abiding faith in the Lord, a strong will to serve, and a great determination to grow and progress toward the future, while not forgetting the culture and traditions of the past.

The gathering of this congregation began when five families from the Granger-Taylor and Rowena areas joined two or three other Brethren families already living in the Wall Community to worship in the homes of the members. At that time, The Rev. Josef Hegar, who lived in Temple, Texas, traveled to Wall to hold worship services four to six times a year.

In the fall of 1929, the congregation began holding worship in an unused Methodist church in Wall, with Sunday School being held each Sunday. This small group gathered to worship the sacrament of Holy Communion for the first time in October 1929, serving nineteen communicants.

Although small, the congregation was officially organized and received into the Unity of the Brethren as a member church in 1933. By December, 1936, the congregation had raised enough money to buy a one-half acre plot in Wall for a church building of their own. They relocated their place of worship from Wall to a church in Fairview later that same month and reelected Rev. Hegar to hold services twelve times a year. A salary of $80.00, or possibly, $100.00, if collections were good, was offered to Rev. Hagar for his services.

On March 18, 1937, the congregation voted to construct their first church building with the cost not to exceed $1,600.00. Two and one-half months later, their project was complete. The total cost only surpassed the spending limit by $11.65. The congregation dedicated their new church on June 13, 1937. Members gathered at their place of worship in Fairview, and after a short service there, traveled to Wall where they continued with a formal dedication service.