Our Beliefs

What is the Brethren Church?

 We Emphasize Simplicity
Our tradition has always emphasized the beauty of simplicity. The basics have always been the hallmark of all our worship, building and beliefs. We are guided by the early motto: In essentials, unity, In nonessentials, liberty; In all things, love.

We Were not Born Yesterday
We are a historical Protestant church. We have been around a long time. The Unity of the Brethren has its roots in a man named John Hus (1375-1415) who lived in Czechoslovakia. You will find him and his story in any good encyclopedia or church history book. He predated Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation by about 100 years. He had both direct and indirect influence upon Luther (founder of the Lutheran Church), and John Knox (Presbyterian). We worship in the tradition of the mainstream Protestant churches and have programs and ministries in common with them.

We Stress the Bible
We stress the vital importance of Christian Scripture: the need to read it; the care and depth to understand it; the strength and courage to apply it.

We Believe in Salvation Through Christ
We believe in the salvation from sin is found only through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord. We seek to help people make that commitment.

We Have a Family Feel
There is a closeness about our church; an authentic warmth which comes from love of God and care for one another. Those who named us chose the word Brethren straight from the Bible. The main idea for them, and for us, is that we are brothers and sisters in Christ; a family of faith.