Week of July 17 - Check back weekly for updates.
- Beverly Manning, daughter of Sheila Manning, is having health problems.
- Peyton Russell, friend of Darcy Maloney and Dale Werner family, has entered Marine Boot Camp.
- John Ragsdale would like visitors.
Week of July 3
- Ed Kotrla - Had has had stents put in, but is having complications with fluid accumulation.
- Family of Agnes Michalik.  She passed away June 28.
Week of June 5 - Check back weekly for updates.
- Larry Thomas is recovering from shoulder surgery.
- John Ragsdale is under hospice care.
- Johnie Smith is having some health issues.
Week of May 1
-Edward Plagens, Jr., brother of Milton Plagens, Sr., passed away April 25.
Week of April 24
- Archer Loombard, newborn son of Tate and Paige Lombard, passed away on April 21.
- Jimmy Riemenschneider is having heart problems.
- Peggy Williams fell before Easter and broke a vertebra in her neck. She is home recuperating.
- Kein Huggins has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.
- Noemi Drgac's son Larry has had a stroke.
- Russel Dacy is in the hospital after a horse riding accident.
Week of April 17
- Charlene Dusek is recovering from gallbladder surgery.
- Jimmie Brenek is recovering from bypass surgery.
- Bobby Vidler is recovering from a fall with broken ribs.